Six Peru Ministers Resign Amid Dina Boluarte Corruption Probe

Six Peru Ministers Resign Amid Dina Boluarte Corruption Probe

Six Peru Ministers Resign Amid Dina Boluarte Corruption Probe

President Dina Boluarte is currently under investigation for alleged illicit enrichment due to her possession of high-end timepieces. Among the ministers who have tendered their resignations is the interior minister, who initiated a thorough search of her residence and workplace.

Peruvian President Dina Boluarte made changes to her cabinet on Monday by appointing new ministers to replace the six who resigned unexpectedly. This decision comes as she is under investigation for alleged corruption, particularly in relation to her possession of luxury Rolex watches.

Dina Boluarte is currently facing accusations of illicit enrichment, with authorities looking into possible corrupt activities. Law enforcement officials conducted searches at her residence and workplace over the weekend, aiming to gather evidence regarding the source of at least three Rolex timepieces.

Among the officials who stepped down on Monday was Interior Minister Victor Torres.

What information do we have regarding the resignation of the ministers?

The resignations of the ministers have left vacant key positions in the government, including those responsible for women’s issues, education, rural development, production, and foreign trade. Each minister expressed their support for the president, with one minister even criticizing the raid on her home as “unnecessary” and “excessive.”

Torres cited “family and health issues” as the reason for his resignation, although there were speculations that it was a form of punishment for the weekend raids.

“I am leaving with a clear conscience,” Torres stated to the press. “I am stepping down because I requested it and the president accepted.”

The departing ministers represent around one-third of the 19-member cabinet. Dina Boluarte swiftly appointed former organized crime unit leader Walter Ortiz as the new interior minister on Monday.

These resignations occurred just two days before the new Prime Minister Gustavo Adrianzen seeks a vote of confidence from Congress. Months in advance, the authorities scheduled the vote amid concerns that the opposition-led house would reject the prime minister’s request for support.

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Why is Dina Boluarte under investigation?

Dina Boluarte is currently under investigation for various reasons. Boluarte previously served as vice president and assumed the presidency in December 2022 after the former president, Pedro Castillo, attempted to dissolve Congress and govern by decree. This led to his arrest and sparked violent protests demanding Boluarte’s resignation and the organization of new elections.

As the president, Boluarte earns an estimated annual income of around $55,000 (approximately €51,252).

The investigation against her began in mid-March when a television program highlighted Dina Boluarte wearing a Rolex watch valued at up to $14,000 in Peru. It subsequently emerged that she owned at least two more watches.

Despite her humble beginnings as a district official, the 61-year-old president claims that the watches are the result of her hard work throughout her life. However, she has not provided any specific details regarding how she acquired them.

Investigators scheduled Dina Boluarte to provide a formal statement on Friday, directing her to bring any Rolex watches she owns to the meeting.

An indictment would not lead to a trial until Boluarte’s term concludes in July 2026, or in the case of her impeachment, as outlined in the Peruvian constitution.

Lawmakers from various political parties, including Peru Libre, previously affiliated with Dina Boluarte, are requesting Parliament to dismiss her from office due to “permanent moral incapacity.” This action necessitates 87 votes from the 130-seat Parliament.

This development further complicates Peru’s political landscape, which has witnessed six different presidents in just eight years.

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