Nauru Cuts Ties with Taiwan, Restores Relations with China

Nauru Cuts Ties with Taiwan, Restores Relations with China

Nauru Cuts Ties with Taiwan, Restores Relations with China

Nauru and China have reached an agreement to reinstate their bilateral diplomatic relations subsequent to Nauru’s unexpected choice to sever ties with Taiwan after a span of 22 years.

China and Nauru have officially restored their diplomatic relations following Nauru’s decision to sever ties with Taiwan. On Wednesday, Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi and his Nauru counterpart Lionel Aingimea met in Beijing to sign an agreement solidifying bilateral relations between the two nations.

Despite the geographical distance and vast oceans that separate China and Nauru, Wang emphasized the longstanding history of friendship between their peoples. He stated that the resumption of ties serves as a testament to the world that adhering to the one-China principle is an inevitable historical trend.

The government of Nauru expressed its anticipation for the complete restoration of diplomatic relations with China, emphasizing that it is in the best interests of its citizens.

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Taiwan Suffers Significant Setback in the Pacific Region

Taiwan’s position in the Pacific has suffered a significant setback. For 22 years, Nauru had been an ally of Taiwan and maintained diplomatic relations with it. However, in 2002, Nauru recognized China and then switched back to recognizing Taiwan in 2005.

Unexpectedly, on Monday, Nauru made an announcement that it would no longer consider Taiwan as a separate country but rather as an integral part of China’s territory. This announcement dealt a severe blow to Taiwan, which asserts its sovereignty and rejects China’s claim of authority over it.

As a result, Taiwan now only has 12 allies that fully recognize its sovereignty. However, it can take solace in the strong support it receives from the United States.

The United States expressed its disappointment and described Nauru’s decision as unfortunate. It also cautioned that China’s promises often remain unfulfilled.

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